Visit Newfoundland, Trinity and its region.

A rich past surrounded by a beautiful nature.

Sam’s Historic has a rich story that all started around 1850. The official titles of all Trinity’s properties being destroyed in a fire, it’s not possible to put an exact date to the construction.
We do know thought that ........

In September 2018, René Lavoie resident of Quebec City, buys the house from Ian White ( Trinity Mercantile Owner ) to integrate it to the Sam’s Vacation Home reseau. Sam’s Historic becomes the second house acquisition after Sam’s Treasure Chest, located in Trouty at 10 minutes drive from Trinity ( ).

The administration team is completed by Michèle Gagnon, Rene’s spouse, Paul Spurrell and Krista Verge. It is with passion and fun that our group put a lot of efforts to insure that our guests live an experience beyond their expectations with a unique stay in Sam’s Historic inside the beautiful town of Trinity.

We wish your stay home will be full of discoveries, surprises, laughs and fun.